Charging software as an aggregator of EV services

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Your clients are already here
TOUCH charging software users are also your potential customers
Operators use our platform
Commercial charging stations especially need regular maintenance. Over time, charge point operators install additional stations and replace current ones.
EV drivers use our app
Electric vehicle owners also need charging station at home, which requires installation service and regular maintenance. Satisfied drivers will recommend your service.
We will help your business to grow
Attract new customers

We show your ads to the app and platform users. EV drivers using TOUCH app are also your potential customers - 84% of charging sessions take place at home. We may show them ads of your services in the app.

Increase revenue

You get a reward for referring a client to TOUCH. Your charging station customer can also become a customer of TOUCH management platform. Get rewarded for each connected station of your clients!

Increase loyalty

Better customer support.

Simplify the operation of the support service: to solve many technical problems, cooperation between the technical support of the charging station and software support is required. The option of redirecting questions from support services and joint problem solving is possible.

Get closer to your customers

With TOUCH you can offer the most complete solution. Simplify life of your clients and they will pay you back with loyalty!

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