How to charge an electric car

April 17, 2022 | Yana Gorfan

If you are thinking about buying an electric car or have bought a car and do not know what to do next, then this article is for you, because it is about how to charge a car, where to find the nearest charging station and what factors need to be taken into account.

So, how to charge your electric car in a few simple steps?
1. Determine the type of connector

To determine the connector for charging your electric car, you need to answer the question "for which country is the electric car made?":

AC: Type 1

AC: Type 2

AC: Type 1

AC current: GB/T
DC current: GB/T

Tesla cars
AC: Tesla
DC: Tesla

This rule is true 99% of the time, but there may be exceptions.
Many AC charging stations do not have a built-in cable, so it's best to have the cable with you at all times (carry it in the trunk).

If you want to charge from a station with a connector that does not match your car, you will need special adapters.
2. Find the charging station

In the 21st century, in the age of new technologies, the main assistant of an electric car driver becomes a special map-application, where you can find most of the available stations of different operators. Now there are several such applications. Among them are Plugshare, Electromaps and Charge Map. These platforms help users not only find charging stations for electric vehicles in the selected region, but also determine their availability, connector types, prices and ways to connect to the station and pay.
3. Connect to the station

So, when the station is selected, all the details are taken into account, it remains a small matter - to connect to the station. Let's look at the example of the TOUCH application.
Step 1
Download the mobile app for Android, iOS or use the browser version
Step 2
Connect the charging cable to the connector in the charging station. Insert the other end into the charging connector of your car
Step 3
Select the charging station in the app and click the "Start Charging" button, following the instructions below. The process of charging your electric car has begun
Step 4
Pay attention to this step. When charging is complete, click the "Finish Charging" button in the mobile app. The payment will be automatically debited from your linked card in accordance with the established tariff
Step 5
The charging cable can now be disconnected. First unplug the cable from the electric vehicle. If the charging cable is yours, do not forget to disconnect it from the charging station after. Do not lose the cable. Have a good road!
The cost of the charging service can consist of the amount of electricity consumed, the cost of connection, the duration of charging or a combination of these three factors. Usually the cost of charging in Europe is about 6 EUR per 100 kilometers. In some cases, the charging rate is set by the station owner, so the cost may vary.
What is important to know?

1. When you plan to use public stations, it is important to keep in mind that most of them may not have a built-in charging cable. Therefore, it does not hurt to carry cables and adapters with you.

2. Please note, sometimes the connector may be located behind the hatch or under the lid — first find it, and then insert the cable.

3. Be attentive if you use stations of other operators - the steps for connecting, charging and payment may vary.

We hope this article was useful and helped to understand all the subtleties of charging an electric car.
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